Sekidenko OR4000E | Advanced Energy

Sekidenko OR4000E


Multi-Channel, Non-Contact Optical Fiber Temperature Pyrometer that Supports Read Rates Up to 2 kHz

The Sekidenko OR4000E is a multi-channel, non-contact optical fiber temperature pyrometer that measures infrared energy emitted from an object and converts it into usable temperature data (degrees °F or °C). Real-time emissivity measurement and compensation precisely compensates for a material’s change in emissivity during processing. Configure in a variety of measurement wavelengths based on target materials, required process temperatures, and working distances from 3.9 in (100 mm) to 118.1 in (3000 mm). You can use one or two measurement channels with separate optical sensors connected by fiber optic cables.


  • In-situ, non-contact temperature measurement employing lensed optical sensors or sapphire light pipe sensors
  • Industry-leading temperature and emissivity read rates
  • Highly flexible, module-based platform architecture
  • Full I/O and external trigger/synchronization suite
  • Supports read rates up to 2 kHz


  • Improves temperature-measurement accuracy for critical processes
  • Enhances repeatability and minimizes variation
  • Increases productivity, yield, and throughput
  • Increases stability and reliability across multiple chambers and substrate materials
  • Customizes to meet unique functional and mechanical requirements


動作温度範囲 (°C): 50 to 3500
スペクトル範囲 (µm): UV to 2300
インターフェース/出力(mA): RS-232, RS-422/485, and Ethernet
精度: ±1.5 °C
重量(kg): 2
波長再現性 (pm): ±0.1