Advanced Energy Launches TEGAMLink™ T2.0 Mobile App for Direct Streaming of Critical Temperature Dat | Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy Launches TEGAMLink™ T2.0 Mobile App for Direct Streaming of Critical Temperature Data to Factory Software

投稿 10月 27, 2021

DENVER, Colo., October 27, 2021 — Advanced Energy (Nasdaq: AEIS) – a global leader in highly engineered, precision power conversion, measurement and control solutions – today launched its TEGAMLink™ T2.0 mobile application, a companion app to the TEGAM 930 Series Bluetooth® thermometers for pharmaceutical and food safety applications. The app enables users to stream and record real-time temperature data directly from the production floor to programs and quality management systems using a convenient Touch Entry™ keyboard extension, providing an automation capability for customers to implement Industry 4.0 in their factory.

“Developed for the TEGAM 930 Series thermometers, TEGAMLink T2.0 improves accuracy and analysis of temperature data collection and measurement by automating data entry and transfer. This eliminates the manual process, which is a critical problem faced by our customers,” said Gerry Blumenstock, vice president, industrial and medical products, Advanced Energy. “The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, making it extremely easy to implement with existing equipment, software and systems.”

The app’s Touch Entry keyboard extension enables direct entry of temperature readings into form fields, documents, spreadsheets and quality management systems without the need to modify already installed hardware or software. The app also offers device pairing for enhanced data security, remote thermometer control and strip chart function. It is available for download in both Android and Apple App Stores.

The TEGAM 930 series of data-logging thermometers offers best-in-class accuracy and durability in harsh environments. In addition to wipeable surfaces, they are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments with a MIL-PRF-28800F, Class 2 shock, drop and vibration rating.

More information on the TEGAMLink T2.0 app is available at



アドバンストエナジーインダストリーズ社(Nasdaq: AEIS)は、ミッションクリティカルなアプリケーションやプロセス向けの高度に設計された高精度電力変換、計測、制御ソリューションの設計および製造における世界的リーダーです。アドバンスドエナジーのパワーソリューションは、半導体装置、工業生産、医療、ライフサイエンス、データセンターコンピューティング、ネットワーキング、テレコミュニケーションなど、幅広い産業分野の複雑なアプリケーションにおける顧客の技術革新を可能にします。エンジニアリングのノウハウと、世界中のお客様への迅速なサービスとサポートにより、当社は技術の進歩に対応するための協力的パートナーシップを構築し、お客様の成長を促進し、電力の未来を革新します。アドバンストエナジーは40年にわたり、電力の完成に力を注いできました。本社は米国コロラド州デンバーにあります。


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