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Sekidenko OR400T


Compact, Single-Channel Optical Fiber Temperature Pyrometer for High-Volume Semiconductor Applications

The Sekidenko OR400T is a single-channel, non-contact optical fiber temperature pyrometer that measures infrared energy being emitted from an object and converts it into usable temperature data (degrees °F or °C). The Sekidenko OR400T can be configured in a variety of measurement wavelengths based on target materials, process temperature ranges, and working distances from 3.9 in (100 mm) to 118.1 in (3000 mm). Available temperature ranges are: 122°F (50°C) to 2912°F (1600°C).


  • In-situ, non-contact temperature measurement employing lensed optical sensors or sapphire light pipe sensors
  • Industry-leading temperature and read rates
  • Highly flexible, module-based platform architecture
  • Full I/O and external trigger/synchronization suite
  • Multi-channel capability and read rates up to 2 kHz


  • Improves temperature-measurement accuracy for critical processes
  • Enhances repeatability and minimizes variation
  • Increases productivity, yield, and throughput
  • Increases stability and reliability across multiple chambers and substrate materials
  • Customizes to meet unique functional and mechanical requirements


工作温度范围 (°C): 50 to 3500
光谱范围(微米): 600 to 1600
接口/输出(毫安): RS232
准确性: ±1.5 °C
重量(千克): 0.33
波长重复性(pm): ±0.1

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