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BoilerSpection SD Imaging System

Turn-Key Solution for Continuous Infrared Imaging inside Boilers and Furnaces

Advanced Energy's BoilerSpection SD Imaging System provides the clearest, most informative through-flame imaging. With BoilerSpection SD, coal plant operators can proactively manage their boilers and vastly improve uptime. In fact, a return on investment study by customer’s have found ROIs measured in only a few months, not years.
  • Resilient and robust for harsh environments
  • Measurement range: 500 to 1600°C (932 to 2912°F)
  • Stainless steel constructions with air cooling and purge


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The BoilerSpection™ SD system provides continuous, real-time, through-flame imaging plus is resilient and robust enough to withstand the harshest conditions. BoilerSpection includes state-of-the-art optics, infrared cameras, an auto-retraction device, networking components, and software to control the entire system remotely. The LumaSpec RT software is a powerful tool for analysis and historical trending, outputs to automation and DCS, along with a real-time web server to broadcast images over the plant’s network. Additionally, Advanced Energy offers commission services, technical support and preventative maintenance for the lifetime of the system.

Increasing demand for efficiency, improved emissions and pressure to lower operating costs are the principal challenges faced by coal plant operators today. To solve these problems, plant operators need a view inside the boiler, furnace, or kiln. This insight would provide the necessary information to effectively and optimally manage operations. Advanced Energy, the global leader in light-based imaging for complex industrial applications has developed a turn-key solution for boiler and furnace applications.

Advanced Energy’s combination of unmatched infrared expertise and deep industrial experience results in the industry’s best through-flame image quality to help coal plant operators achieve necessary efficiencies, best manage emissions, and arrive at real cost savings.


  • Capture lost boiler capacity by reducing cleaning frequencies
  • Increase efficiency by improving heat transfer with precise knowledge of slag and ash buildup
  • Lower maintenance costs by optimizing cleaning and identifying large deposits (clinkers) before they cause damage to boiler tubes
  • Optimize fuel switching strategies by directly and accurately measuring ash rate and uniformity as fuel changes
  • Manage combustion by tracking uniformity of ash deposits


  • Infrared imaging camera with a cooled borescope lens
  • Automatic retraction systems
  • Mounting hardware
  • Network software system integrated into the plants DCS
  • Full-service field installation and maintenance
  • Performance

    Temperature Range:

    500 to 1600°C (932 to 2912°F)


    Narrowband 3.9 µm


    320 x 240 Uncooled Focal Plane Array VOx Microbolometer

  • Optical Specifications



    Field of View (FOV):

    50° H x 38° V


    Stainless steel with air cooling and purge
    Sapphire window tip with air purge shield


    1.65” (42 mm)

    Digital Zoom:

    1 to 8x using LumaSpec RT software

  • Interface

    Number of Cameras:

    Up to 24 to a single control room server

    Camera Connection:

    100 Base-T-Ethernet

    Field Switch Cabinet:

    NEMA 4 / IP66 enclosure with Ethernet Switch

    Connection to Control Room:

    Fiber Optic Link, 50/125µm core/ cladding diameter multi-mode fiber, 850/1310nm wavelength

  • Environmental Specifications

    Operating Temperature:

    Up to 60°C (140°F)


    30 lbs (13.5 kg)


    IP66 with Integrated Vortex Air Cooling


    Weld or bolt on mounting plates

  • Electrical

    Power Input:

    110 to 240 VAC, two 15 AMP Lines to support six camera

    Electrical Cabinets:

    All cabinets/panels are NEMA 4 / IP65

    Air Supply:

    20-30 scfm at minimum 80 psi per camera

  • Typical Applications

    Monitoring Coal-Fired Boilers

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