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Mikron ThermalCore 1000

Highly Accurate, Non-Contact, Fully Automated Thermal Imaging System that Screens for Elevated Body Temperatures

Advanced Energy's Mikron ThermalCore 1000 is a convenient body temperature screening solution for businesses and schools. It uses tear duct temperature measurement (the most accurate method) to determine core body temperature. This allows you to quickly identify individuals with elevated body temperatures. 

  • Reliable and Safe Body Temperature Monitoring: Rapidly detect people with abnormal temperatures and minimize false negatives with an accuracy of better than ± 0.3°C 
  • Non-contact, Fully Automated System: Help ensure maximum safety and convenience during temperature screening
  • Easy-to-Understand Visual and Audio Indicators: Allow people to self-guide through your temperature screening process
  • Plug and Play Components: Easily install and operate within hours, no special certification or training are required
  • Self-Starting and Self-Calibrating Features: Eliminate the need for staffing and periodic maintenance
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Body temperature screening is an important tool in the fight against COVID-19. For a screening system to add value, it must be reliable and accurate. It also needs to be non-contact, fast, and intuitive.

Mikron® ThermalCoreTM 1000 accurately measures temperature of the area around the eyes' inner canthus (tear ducts) and correlates this measurement to core body temperature. This temperature of the inner canthi has the strongest correlation to core body temperature of any other area on the face. The entire system's measurement approach, algorithms, and calibration techniques are grounded firmly in medical and thermal sciences. It can be rapidly deployed and quickly identifies people with elevated body temperatures.

How It Works
To use the Mikron ThermalCore 1000, a person simply steps into the camera's field of view. Within a few seconds, the individual's body temperature is measured automatically and without the need for physical contact. The system software then processes the thermal images and computes body temperature. The results are then compared to the alarm thresholds configured in the system. A simple pass/fail indicator is activated and clearly visible.

Product Components  
Advanced Energy's Mikron MCL640 thermal imaging camera, Mikron IRC reference emitter, and TC1000 software (a derivative of LumaSpec software) are the basis of the ThermalCore 1000 system. Our high-resolution detector, high-quality optics, and proprietary image processing algorithms ensure that we accurately resolve the image of the inner canthi area. The addition of a stable reference emitter in the field of view provides auto-calibration and ensures the long-term stability of the system.


  • Minimize False Negatives: High accuracy system ensures a high rate of detection of people with elevated body temperatures, making the workplace safer
  • Minimize False Positives: High accuracy system ensures a low rate of unnecessary secondary screening, which reduces costs and increases efficiency
  • Boost Productivity in Workplaces and Schools: Implementing a reliable screening system helps employees feel safer, reducing anxiety and enhancing their productivity
  • Improve In-Store Traffic and Safety: Provide a safer shopping environment to encourage in-store shopping 
  • Increase Efficiency and Promote Screening Participation: The system is fast, ergonomically friendly, and non-contact to increase participation rate and throughput 
  • Decrease Operating Costs: Eliminate the need for an operator with a fully automated and self-guided solution
  • Reduce Installation Time and Costs:  Quickly install with plug and play components; set-up assistance from our service personnel is not required
  • Camera designed and manufactured in the USA: No parts in the system are blacklisted by the United States Government


  • High-quality Thermal Imaging Camera: High resolution camera with premium optics allows high accuracy measurement of the inner cathi area (the best indicator of core body temperature)
  • Reference Emitter: Integrated reference emitter with exceptional long-term stability provides high-frequency auto-calibration and eliminates long term drift in body temperature measurement
  • Intuitive User Interface: TC1000 software (based on LumaSpec software) provides a clear, easy-to-understand interface.
  • Visual and Audio Alarms: Clearly alerts users of pass/fail results
  • Fully Automated, Non-contact Solution: Automatic user detection and measurement

DISCLAIMER: ThermalCore is not a medical device, and it does not diagnose the coronavirus or any other illness. It identifies individuals that may have a body temperature significantly higher than the average population. It is the responsibility of the end-user to implement a secondary screening protocol using an FDA approved temperature sensing device to check the body temperature of these individuals. Individuals experiencing any symptoms of illness should be seen by a medical professional.

Select specifications are shown below. Please see product data sheet for additional specifications.

  • Temperature Measurement Range

    30 to 45°C  (86 to 113°F)

  • Accuracy

    ± 0.3°C (± 0.6°F)

  • Measurement Time

    5 seconds (typical)

  • Power

    Universal 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase

  • Warranty

    12 months

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Not all options and accessories are available for all models and configurations. Dimensions listed generally refer to standard configurations and module bodies only. Please confirm technical specifications and customizations with a sales representative. Advanced Energy is not responsible for errors or omissions.

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