Low Voltage

UltiMod Series

High Efficiency, High Reliability, Modular-Configurable Power Supplies

Advanced Energy's UltiMod AC/DC modular power supplies combine high reliability, efficiency, and user flexibility to provide low total-cost solutions for medical, scientific, and industrial applications.

  • 600 W and 1200 W solutions
  • Dual safety approvals: IEC60601-1 (third edition) and IEC60950
  • Up to 12 isolated DC output voltages
  • Five-year warranty
  • User and field configurable
  • Overview
  • Technical Specs
  • Service & Support


The industry-proven UltiMod power-supply platform combines technical performance with user flexibility. Built for various demanding industries, the series provides up to 1200 W of output power in a compact 1U form factor and up to 12 isolated output voltages.

The UX4 delivers up to 600 W and can be populated with a maximum of four powerMods. The UX6 delivers up to 1200 W and can be populated with up to six powerMods. Outputs can be parallel connected for higher current and series connected for higher voltages (up to 348 VDC).


Standout System Reliability: End-customers benefit from 92% efficiency

Design-In Flexibility: Feature-rich UltiMod powerMods provide a suite of output signals and user-configurable functions

High Power Density: High power density minimizes weight and amplifies design space for components and accessibility

Low Total-Cost of Ownership: Configurable outputs enable exact output voltages from a standard product, minimizing the total cost of ownership 

Ideal for Noise Sensitive Applications: The UltiMod offers lowest acoustic noise


  • Up to 92% efficiency
  • Dual safety approvals: UL/EN60950 (second edition), UL/EN60601-1 (third edition)
  • Five-year warranty
  • Up to 12 isolated DC outputs
  • User-field configurable outputs
  • SEMI F47 compliant
  • Electrical

    Input Voltage Range

    85 to 264 VAC

    Input Current

    11.5 A (depending on model)

    Output Power

    Up to 1200 W (depending on model)

    Output Voltage

    1-348 (depending on model)

    Ripple and Noise

    1% of nominal

  • Environmental

    Operating Temperature Range

    -40 to +70 °C

    Storage Temperature Range

    -40 to +85 °C

    Relative Humidity

    5% to 95%

  • Mechanical

    W x D x H

    • UX4: 1U x 260 mm x 89 mm
    • UX6: 1U x 260 mm x 127 mm


    • UX4: 1.2 kg (fully loaded)
    • UX6 : 1.7 kg (fully loaded)
  • Interface

    8-way connector per output, voltage control via potentiometer

Global Support & Services

Maximize fab productivity and capital equipment ROI with world-class support through each product lifecycle stage — from startup to long-term operation. Our service offerings are based on more than three decades of precision power and applications expertise.

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Applications Support & Consulting

Accelerate tool installations and process development programs, or address specific applications concerns with Advanced Energy's dedicated applications consultants and engineering staff. Benefit from on-site reviews, analyses, and consultations.

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Decrease variability in maintenance costs and provide additional cost protection. Advanced Energy offers whole-box extended warranties.

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Product Support

Inside the U.S.: 1.800.446.9167 (option 2)
Outside the U.S.

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Maximum Power

1200 W

1800 W

1200 W

1000 W

1008 V

Maximum Output Voltage

1 to 348 V

1 to 348 V

1 to 348 V

1 to 348 V

14 to 58 V








1% of Nominal




1% of Nominal

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