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MD&M 2023


Pittcon 2023

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APEC 2023



  • MD&M 2023 — On display for the first time was AE’s SL Power™ NGB family of fully-certified 800 W and 1200 W AC-DC solutions featuring industry-leading power density, as well as a new high voltage solution. AE also showcased its latest low-, mid-power and configurable AC-DC supplies, low- and high-voltage DC-DC converters, RF power solutions, pulsed electric field technologies, as well as fiber optic technologies. Read AE's wrap-up blog here.

  • PittCon 2023 —  Advanced Energy returned to Pittcon after 5 years and showcased a portfolio of AC-DC, DC-DC, high-voltage and critical sensing technologies for life science, gas sensing and laboratory applications. Along with standard products also on display were  examples of our modified and fully custom solutions for specific use cases. The show brought together equipment designers and provided an opportunity to showcase solutions that power future generations of las based equipment. Learn more.
  • APEC 2023 —  Solidifying its place as an industry leader in power conversion, Advanced Energy held a strong presence showcasing our broad portfolio of standard, programable and configurable AC-DC and DC-DC technologies. AE also participated in various conference programs where company representatives chaired panel sessions, presented technical papers and participated in APEC’s first ever student job fair. APEC provided the opportunity for Advanced Energy to show engineers and system architects new technologies that enable tomorrow’s designs. Learn more.
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Highly Reliable, Rugged, Cost-Effective Power Solution for Medical Patient Monitors

 For many years Advanced Energy has been the partner of various healthcare equipment suppliers for patient monitors. Applications include standard low-power, open-frame models, modified standard variants, and custom solutions, if cost competitiveness is needed. A universal AC input 70 W AC-DC power supply, leveraged from proven existing power supply designs, with low stand-by power and with various safety protections, have been quoted in a quick turnaround time. Read the case study. 



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